Become a Master at Finding and Winning Customers.

Learn the secrets for attracting and winning customers for your venture. Understand how customers think, what motivates them to action, and what holds them back from buying your product or service.

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"Build It, And They Will Come."

And ultimately fail because their venture had no customers. 

A great idea does not mean you will have any customers.

Here's the honest truth... 

The Best Ideas Don't Win. 

The Ideas That Can Win The Most Customers Win.



Make No Mistake About It:
Your great idea will fail if you cannot win customers.

To Create a Successful Venture, You Have To Learn What Motivates People To Buy and WHY.

The problem is, many entrepreneurs are clueless about customer behavior.

Don't waste countless hours and thousands of dollars to try and predict purchasing behavior. Things like...

Conducting Surveys

Buying Market Research Data

Hosting Focus Groups

Target Market Demographic

Creating Personas

A/B Testing

Beta Tests

Meetings and Demos

Many entrepreneurs believe they can spend their way to success.
They're wrong. 

This Course Teaches You How To Win Customers By Understanding How And Why People Buy.

Get the tools and insights for how billion dollar companies win markets and edge out competitors. You'll walk away with the tools to position your product or service and win customers .Guaranteed.


Learn These Powerful Secrets.

Why Popular Methods Are Useless.

You'll realize why conventional methods to identify customers and predict behavior are inaccurate and unhelpful.

How to REALLY Find Your Customer

Steal the methodologies and practices from billion dollar brands to find customers who need your product and are ready to buy.

What Causes People To Switch

Learn to identify the psychological experience that leads to all consumers to switching products or services.  

Perfect Market Fit

Discover what customers are really doing when they buy and how to optimize your placement and messaging.

Consumer Decision Making Process

Learn the decision making lifecycle consumers go through when evaluating products and services.

Motivating Forces For Action

Understand the motivating forces that can lead someone to buy as well as scare them away and not buy.


7 Sessions On Winning Customers That Will Change Everything.

Each session is loaded with insights, revelations, and paradigm-breaking truths that will help you find, attract, and win customers. This course is a must for any entrepreneur who wants to succeed.


Session 1: Predicting Behavior Misconceptions
Why everything you thought about customer surveys is wrong. You will stop wasting your time on useless and expensive endeavors to predict behavior.



Session 2: The Myth of Target Market Demographics
Nothing about someone's demographic causes them to buy anything and what actually does. Instead of building personas and target market demographic, learn how to find the people who need your product at the moment they need it. 



Session 3: The Framework Used by Billion Dollar Brands
Your idea does not solve a problem. It is hired for a job. Understanding the difference changes everything. Learn how to reframe, communicate and and position your product or service to win. 



Session 4: The Struggling Moment
The single psychological experience that converts people into prospective customers and leads them to switch. Improve your messaging and placement by understanding this principle. 



Session 5: The Decision Making Lifecycle
The process that customers go through before making a purchase and how to use it to your advantage. Learn how to move people towards action to buy your product or service. 



Session 6: Forces That Create or Kill Decisions
Learn the 5 Forces that help or hurt someone from making a purchasing decision. Understand how to accelerate the positive forces and minimize the negative forces. 



Session 7: Putting it all together
Connecting the dots to become a master at winning customers and competing in the marketplace.



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Meet Your Instructor

This course is taught by Eric Knopf, the co-founder of Webconnex -- a tech company that makes powerful software for events and fundraising. Webconnex competes against billion-dollar competitors and has won over 50,000 customers and been used to process nearly $3 Billion in payments.

Eric is a lifelong entrepreneur and startup founder helping to start, grow, and launch over 200 ideas and ventures. Eric has co-founded 5 ventures, all surpassing $1M in revenue each. Inc Magazine and Forbes have named Eric one of the top thought leaders on entrepreneurship.

In this course, Eric shares his practices and methodologies for how he and the team design products and services that win customers and compete in the marketplace. 

Start Learning the Secrets To Winning Customers and Beating the Competition.

Enroll now, and start your improving your ability to win customers tonight.


Who Should Take This Course?

Wondering if this course on winning customers is right for you?

  • A Someday Entrepreneur
    If you have always wanted to become an entrepreneur, this course will set you up for success by understanding future customers better.
  • Someone Working on an Idea
    If you are working on a new idea or maybe just launched a new venture, this course will help you improve your idea to reach the right customers in the right way at the right time. 
  • A New Business That Doesn't Have Results
    If you've been lured into marketing funnels and other gimmicks and don't have results yet, it's probably because you don't understand your customer or how to win them.
  • An Entrepreneur Wanting to Improve an Existing Business
    Entrepreneurs with existing businesses can improve their strategies to better win their markets by deepening their understanding of the customer.
  • An Employee Looking To Become More Valuable at Work
    If you want to add more value to your job and responsibilities at work, this course will help you improve the approach and strategy of winning customers.
  • Marketers and Strategists
    If you are a marketer or responsible for developing your offering, this course will give you invaluable insights into how to better position your product or service, and win more customers.
  • Creatives, Inventors, Visionaries, and Dreamers
    If you are gifted with creativity or simply just someone who likes to ponder ideas, you'll learn how to craft better ideas that will win customers and compete in the market
  • Just Curious or Interested in Entrepreneurship
    Even if you no intention of becoming an entrepreneur, you can widen your knowledge and understanding for how to develop a venture that wins customers.

This Course is the Best Way to Learn How To Win Customers For Your Venture. Guaranteed.

This Startup Masterclass course comes with a zero-risk money back guarantee.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

This course is designed to give you the exact secrets, insights, and disciplines of winning customers as used by billion dollar giants to compete and win. If you're not satisfied with what you learn within 30 days, we'll offer you a full refund. 

For anyone serious about learning how to compete and win for customers, taking this course could be the biggest no-brainer decision ever.

This Course Won't Suck. Promise. 

No Fluff, No B.S., No Filler.

This course is concise, actionable, and ridiculously practical. And most importantly, taught by someone who has real-world experience. 

This course WON'T have ...

  • Jargon
  • Meaningless Buzzwords
  • Confusing Terminology
  • Abstract Theories
  • Unrelatable Examples
  • Academic Fluff
  • Silicon Valley Snobbery

If you are serious about learning how to develop great business ideas, enroll now. 


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