We Are Passionate About Entrepreneurship.

Welcome to Startup Masterclass where we help you learn the secrets and skills of entrepreneurship so you can successfully start, launch and scale your own venture. 

Our vision is to be the easiest and most affordable way for anyone anywhere to learn entrepreneurship. 

Whether you want to start a taco stand or a tech startup, create a product or form a non-profit, or just learn how to convert your passion into profit, you will learn the practical lessons for how to become a successful entrepreneur. 

We believe entrepreneurship is the best way to change the world and create prosperity in our families, cities and regions. 

But the truth is, entrepreneurship is hard.

And those who commonly teach entrepreneurship have never been successful entrepreneurs themselves. Many load down their teachings with jaron, fluff, buzz words and nebulous academic theory. And worst of all, most thought leaders and teachings make you believe that investors are required. 

Startup Masterclass is designed to be accessible to anyone regardless of business experience or knowledge. We breakdown the principles and strategies into practical, easy to understand, and easy to apply teachings. 

Annoying, learning how to start and run your own venture can be expensive. That is why Startup Masterclass is ridiculously affordable.  Abd because we know anyone trying to learn entrepreneurship needs every penny to start, grow and scale their venture, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not happy with the content. 

We welcome your feedback, suggestions on future courses and your startup questions. We are here to serve you. 

About Eric, Your Entrepreneurship Instructor.


Meet Eric Knopf -- the primary instructor for Startup Masterclass. Eric is a lifelong entrepreneur and startup founder who has helped start, grow, and consult on over 200 different startup ventures and businesses. Eric himself has co-founded over 5 ventures each surpassing $1M in revenue. Inc Magazine and Forbes have named Eric one of the top thought leaders to follow on Entrepreneurship and small businesses. 

Most notably, Eric is currently the co-founder of Webconnex – a tech company that makes powerful software for events and fundraising. To date, Webconnex software has been used to process over $3B in payments and is used by millions of people every month. 

The Webconnex products which include TicketSpice, RegFox, RedPodium, and GivingFuel are used to process over $2M every day for global brands such as Crossfit, RedBull, Google, Salvation Army, Southwest Airlines, Bands in Town, Toyota, and over 50,000 other organizations. Webconnex is bootstrapped, profitable, and competes with billion-dollar competitors with a staff of just over 40 people. 

Prior to Webconnex, Eric was the principal of a startup consultancy called Vision Launchers which helped build technology startups for entrepreneurs. This experience gave Eric insights into how to develop great ideas and turn them into successful ventures.

Eric has spent the past 15 years teaching others how to develop and launch their startup ideas and small businesses. He frequently speaks at events, workshops, conferences, and schools. StartupMasterclass is a passion project to help entrepreneurs all over the world the tools and resources they need to launch a successful business.