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"Surpasses what I learned at University!"

I have studied entrepreneurship within University this course far surpasses my course load. I have a new lens on how to spot opportunities where prior to this course I have been discouraged with my execution of an idea. 

Talylor, California

"Finally Motivated to Go For It!"

I’ve been planning to launch a side business for a while and have been studying from a number of brilliant founders, but something Eric said lit a fire in a new way that has finally motivated me to pull the trigger. 

Scott, California

"This stuff is Next Level!"

This is what they arent teaching on youtube or anywhere else. These are next level insights for entrepreneurs.

Jesse, California

"Game Changer!"

This course is game changing for anyone looking to start or scale their business. Eric shares the secrets that billion dollar companies don’t want you to know.

Eric, Nevada

"Pure Gold!"

I am an existing entrepreneur and I'm digging the Startup Masterclass videos. It is pure gold!

Vikal, California


Eric hits the nail on the head as he articulates the common mistakes entrepreneurs make. Startup master class is saving me years of headache and frustration. The insights are brilliant. I feel so much more equipped walking into the next chapter of owning my own business.

Chrissa, California